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Got what it takes to succeed at a start-up business?

When speaking to people about the company we are building, the first thing that they usually share with me is that 50 percent of businesses fail within the first year, then they share advice on how to operate so that we survive. And when they find out it is an art-related business their “optimism” often turns into a look of sadness followed by a deep breath and a comment like, “artists don’t make money,” or “what’s important is that you tried and have a master’s degree that you can use.” READ MORE


Moose hunt permit auction deadline is Aug. 5

The auction is the Foundation’s primary fundraiser to support education, conservation, wildlife, fisheries and law enforcement programs of the NH Fish and Game Department. This is the eighth year for the auction, which has raised $249,172 to date, from which the Foundation has awarded grants to NH Fish and Game in support of its mission to conserve New Hampshire’s wild places and wild things so that the children of today and the next generation can respect, appreciate and enjoy the New Hampshire outdoors. READ MORE