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It’s grown to include millions of unique readers annually since its inception.

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Why should you have to pay for local news?

You don’t have to pay for news anymore, for the most part. That’s a reality of the digital age that’s made it hard for journalists to earn an honest living.

Since this site was launched in June of 2014, Manchester Ink Link, has been dedicated to providing an independent source of news and information for those who live, work, play and otherwise obsess over Manchester, NH. Publisher/Editor Carol Robidoux is a professional journalist with more than 25 years in the news trenches working for a variety of publications.

Manchester Ink Link started from nothing. It’s now her profession and her livelihood.

That means there’s no regular paycheck from a corporate entity. That also means she is only accountable to her readers.

Viva la independent news!

So, to keep her family fed, she eventually gave up her freelancing career which she used to bootstrap the site, and shifted to a model of earning money through relationships with advertising partners:

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So, back to the question:

Why should you consider supporting Manchester Ink Link?

You mean, why should a news consumer consider supporting his or her favorite news sources?

It’s pretty straightforward: You wouldn’t expect a plumber to unclog your sink for free. You are happy to pay your manicurist or hairstylist for work well done. You subscribe to cable and premium channels because you like what they dish out, providers including Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, and HBO.

By that logic, what is the value of having someone provide you with reliable news and information every single day?

That’s something you will have to answer for yourself.

As we continue to grow Manchester Ink Link, we’ve decided to put out the “tip jar” and ask those of you who find value in Manchester Ink Link to show your appreciation with a one-time “tip” – or even better, consider making monthly contributions to keep the news flowing.

We’re assembling a news team and making it a point to hire local journalists to help tell the story of our great city, including:

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Responsive journalism: If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the site, let Carol Robidoux know what you’d like to see more of, and she’ll deliver. It’s that simple.

Solutions journalism (and more of it!): We’d like to move away from the “If it bleeds, it leads,” mentality that is the mainstay of mainstream media.  This story on Saving Valley Cemetery is just one example of the kind of thoughtful stories we want to bring you more of, with your continued support. We’re also a founding member of Granite State News Collaborative.

Thank you for reading!

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