Letters: Property rights for some, but not for all?

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To the Editor:

We never thought we’d have to fight to keep the right to live in a single-family neighborhood in our beloved New Hampshire.

But it seems that is just what is happening after many bills espousing the “Strong Towns” agenda were passed by the NH House on March 28 by 152 Democrats with the help of 67 Republicans.

How these bills protect property rights is a mystery. They would work to chip away at and eventually eradicate any more neighborhoods that are strictly zoned single-family, a type of housing that 70%-80% of the public eventually choose. These bills would remove one of the most popular choices in housing.

Some support these bills thinking it’s protecting the rights of those who want to build multiple units on their property even after they knowingly bought land in a single-family zoned area. Others think these bills would help the government mitigate a supposed housing “crisis”, something we don’t even think is the government’s purview in the first place.

What both groups are really doing is enabling the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, a component of Agenda 21, which is known to be a philosophy based on the false “climate change” movement.

If you don’t want NH turned into California, please write to ALL your NH Senators (Senators@leg.state.nh.us) and tell them you don’t want the eradication of single-family neighborhoods by the passage of these “Strong Towns” bills that are currently in the NH Senate.

Jane Aitken


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