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From The Barrel is Derry’s hidden gem

Sometimes you just need to strike out into new territory. Most of all when life seems gray, the sky is cloudy and chilly and raining. Often these ventures will not pay off — it’s good to be prepared for that going in. But occasionally you’ll discover something delightful and wonderful. (“Every once-in-a-while even a blind squirrel finds a nut.”) And on those occasions, you will swear the clouds parted and the sun came out. READ MORE

Brewery Scene

Glorious Skies at 603 Brewery

I’ve had 603 Brewing’s Winni Amber many times and it’s always been a favorite. But I had never visited their brewery until last week – and I’m so glad I finally made it. As you can see from the included images, our arrival coincided with one of the most glorious sunsets in quite a while. I could’ve stood there, mesmerized, for much longer. Prioritization has always been a challenge for me! But my wife was not so easily hypnotized, so we entered the brewery. Teamwork! READ MORE

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Brewery Scene

A Coddiwomple to Canterbury Aleworks

Another sunny Saturday in November with a clear calendar calls for a good old-fashioned coddiwomple. Wait now, say what? On their website Canterbury Aleworks defines coddiwomple like so: “Wandering intently, going no where in particular.” So already I have misused the word, for on this past glorious Saturday I was going somewhere quite specific — to Canterbury Aleworks to try several of their beers, including one which they call Coddiwomple. (Spoiler alert – it was pretty good!) READ MORE

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Brewery Scene

The only Henniker Brewing Company on Earth

This time, Henniker Brewing Company, a scant 26 miles from Manchester. I always forget how close it actually is. Maybe it’s the dramatic difference between downtown Manchester, largest city in New England north of Boston, compared with downtown Henniker, which could easily be Stars Hollow. (Is my inner Gilmore Girl showing?) Or maybe it’s the gradually changing countryside, which goes from city to suburbs to widely spaced homes to farmland to wooded stony hillsides. In any case, the transformation provided by those 26 miles is always enjoyable. READ MORE

Brewery Scene

Apples and Cider and Raptors, Oh My!

The raptor presentation was a collaboration between Climate Action NH (a project of the League of Conservation Voters) and Tailwinds, which is a local NH charitable organization focused on education and conservation centered around raptors (birds of prey that primarily hunt and feed on vertebrates). My wife never tired of joking that we were going to see little dinosaurs. May Michael Crichton rest in peace. READ MORE

Brewery Scene

Manchester Brewfest was a blast!

The ninth annual Manchester Brewfest has now come and gone, but thankfully smiles still come to my face as I think back on it. The rain held off. Many patrons came, with dogs, kids, and adults all happy. Axes were thrown in a safe throwing-cage-on-wheels. Medieval jousting was done for the amusement of all. Delicious smells wafted from meats grilling on open flames. And of course a huge variety of beers were there for tasting. READ MORE