Screenshot 2019 01 17 at 1.49.41 PMCOMMUNITY IN PARTNERSHIP

We are looking for business leaders and influencers who share our vision of a vibrant community, and want to support the local news economy, all while keeping their own brand and mission top of mind to be our Community Advertising Partners. They stand with us in making sure everyone in our community has access to news and information, and we are grateful for their support!

As an alternative to our a la carte advertising rates we’ve created a menu of bundled Community Ad Partnership packages, including a new tier for non-profits.*

We want to provide as much bang for your buck as we can, because we understand the value of good value in this economy.

Beyond consistent brand visibility, our Community Ad Partnerships provide you with a menu of options, ranging from display banner ads to sponsored content and eNews sponsorships throughout the year.

Your support goes directly toward paying for more reporting for our community. Nothing else.

Because you, like us, are mission-driven, you may also opt to “donate” some of your annual ad space to a non-profit of your choice. In these difficult times we are trying to find unique ways to keep the community connected, and reinforce the strong bonds that already exist between many of our businesses and non-profits.

Our mission is this: To provide a hub of news and information that matters, and to keep the public informed and connected.

We are powered by the community with a mission of empowering the community.

Contact Carol Robidoux at to get the conversation started.

Publisher’s Note: Community Ad Partners are pillars of our community that recognize the importance of local news coverage to readers in a democratic society, and sometimes appear in news stories with no exemption due to their status as supporters – we are an equal opportunity news organization and provide unbiased news coverage.