The Colors of Change: Kimball Jenkins and MyTurn mural making internship

Soon, though, we all realized the opportunity of working with other talented individuals to learn from each other, and our different backgrounds would surely create a new experience none of us expected. We don’t really think about the fact that everyone comes from different places. We like the fact that they’re new people who are sharing similar interests with us. READ MORE


It’s back to the future: The Rex returns to movie-house roots for first-ever Manchester International Film Festival

The Rex’s origin story is baked into the Manchester International Film Festival’s mission, which is straightforward: to celebrate the return of movies to Manchester and celebrate the history of The Rex Theatre while shining a spotlight on local filmmakers. The fesitval, which put the call out months ago for submissions, will be featuring films from Southern New Hampshire University students, and award-winning short films from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. There will also be interactive Q&As and classic movies, including “Slap Shot” and “An American Werewolf in London.” READ MORE