What happened at Jane Kaufmann’s gallery opening?

Nestled within a cozy arrangement of storefronts on Hanover Street is the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, an office space likely disregarded by the masses on their way to and fro through nightlife. But beyond the smattering of desks, trendy office coffee bars and unironically cool neon signs lies a secret double life for the space: the conference room transforms into a curator’s dream of endless white-and-brick ripe for works of art. READ MORE

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Obscure: A Positive Street Art production celebrating homegrown fashion and creativity

Neon lights soaked into the pores of strikingly tall models like gamma beams from a 1950s pulp novel, carrying looks down the runway to the beat of pounding house music. While this may sound like a vignette from some hidden underbelly of New York Fashion Week, you might be surprised to discover such vogue emerging within the New Hampshire art scene. Last weekend’s Obscure fashion show, hosted by Nashua’s community art-centric nonprofit Positive Street Art, brought a taste of the high-fashion world to our own backyard through its own perspective.  READ MORE