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Point of View: NH lawmakers take part in national effort to ‘eradicate transgenderism’

Those who would deny transgender rights also deny human rights. Those who accept transgender rights are those who accept human rights. The state legislature, if it must do anything, should take steps to protect a vulnerable and disenfranchised group- one already defined as a federally protected class. Those who take it upon themselves to revoke the freedom of one group have the power to revoke freedoms for all. READ MORE

Not That Profound

The Tale of Mr. 10 Percent

I earned my moniker based on my average tip. I was so terrible at serving the public their meals that my shifts were restricted to Wednesday lunches where seniors ate half-price, and my section was limited a pair of two-tops by the kitchen. On occasion, I was assigned a four-top when the manager pitied me, in the way one might pity a three-legged dog. READ MORE

Forward Focus

Who decides?

Last week I was reading about how a former mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, is running for the 2024 Republican nomination for president. Within the article were the words “long shot.” So I started thinking about why he was labeled as a long shot. Shouldn’t he have as good of a chance as any to become president of these United States? READ MORE

Point of View

Education Freedom Account handouts: Thousands of dollars for filling out a form

Currently, the state offers parents $3700+ for the simple act of completing an EFA registration form. Not surprisingly, thousands of private-school parents registered. Then, these parents could submit the tuition bills that they previously paid themselves to a scholarship organization. The scholarship organization pays the bills with taxpayer moneys. The state is not permitted oversight on how the money is used. READ MORE