Never say never: 6 entrepreneurs who failed before they succeeded

Steven Spielberg, who brought us such movies as Jaws, Shindler’s List, E.T., Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and Saving Private Ryan, and companies such as Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks, was rejected by his first-choice film school, University of California, (USC), School of Cinema Arts, twice. He’s one of several examples of what can happen if you don’t let failure define you. Continue Reading →

Feminine Frenzy: The Policing of Women’s LGBTQ Identities

I wore feminine accessories; bows in my hair, pink lipstick, Claire’s jewelry that I bought on sale, etc. A girl sitting in the seat next to me began making lewd comments about a boy playing some shirtless sport outside and when my gut reaction of discomfort was to say “ew,” she turned to me, rolled her eyes, and spat out, “What are you, a lesbian?” Continue Reading →

SNHU, Rethink Education to Invest $15 Million in Seed Stage EdTech Startups

The $15 million investment will be allocated among more than two dozen companies at the seed stage. Together Rethink Education, which is co-managed by Rick Segal and Matt Greenfield, and SNHU will work with early stage ed-tech companies across the country that are using technology and data-driven models to tackle stubborn challenges in the education to workforce pipeline, including access and affordability.

Continue Reading →

Donald R. Lavallee, 84: Architect, pilot, bon vivant; served on many local boards and loved his family, above all

Donald Lavallee was a true NH son who gave back to his community in many ways. He served as president or a board member of many civic and professional associations, including the Manchester Rotary, the New Hampshire Board of Architects, the Manchester Country Club, Sudden Pitch and the Manchester Boys and Girls Club. Continue Reading →

New allegations: Physicians Assistant got kickbacks from fentanyl manufacturer for pushing Rx

“As alleged, Dr. Clough was the top prescriber of a powerful fentanyl spray in the state of New Hampshire,” said Harold H. Shaw, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Boston Division. “He is alleged to have received kickbacks for issuing those prescriptions. The FBI will continue to attack the opioid epidemic from all angles, including rooting out individuals who place profit before patient safety.” Continue Reading →

Alpha Loft Startup Mornings: Featured speaker April 4 is CEO Heather Lavoie of Illume Advisors

Come out for Startup Mornings and meet Heather Lavoie, a serial entrepreneur, mom of a blended family of four, athlete and health zealot, whose work has always been grounded in strong business fundamentals. Heather spent the last 15 years of a 30-year career, founding and leading technology and services organizations that solve complex issues in health care and society. Continue Reading →

With moose population down, only 51 permits available for 2017 NH Moose Hunt Lottery

If you want to hunt moose in New Hampshire this fall, now is the time to enter the lottery and try your luck on the adventure of a lifetime. Applications for the lottery cost $15 for residents and $25 for non-residents (nonrefundable) and are available online at or from any Fish and Game license agent. A total of 51 permits are proposed to be issued this year. Continue Reading →

Like ‘School of Rock,’ only I’m not Jack Black, and the rock lessons are happening at Granite State College

In one week, I’ll be doing something I never would have imagined I’d be doing, not in 100 years. And I’ve done some things — some good, some wicked, some better left forgotten. But teach a class? That was not on my “Do Before Dying” list. Visit Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado? Yes. Shave my head? One of these days. Interview Springsteen? God willing. But stand before a real class with real students, real people, people that have signed up for this class called “A Look Inside the NH Music Scene?” Well, that’s just weird. Continue Reading →

Introducing NH In Focus

I love photography. Pictures capture tiny fragments of time and space but good pictures will pull the viewer into an entire story. That’s why I’m starting a regular InkLink column of photo essays that tell stories not often told in Manchester and around the state. I’m calling it New Hampshire In Focus. Continue Reading →

Letters: Mediation Fails to Resolve Fire Contracts

Historically, since the inception of the city’s proposal and adoption of the Yarger-Decker pay scale, cost of living adjustments have been consistently applied to the City’s Unions. This year the City has been reluctant to follow this decades-old practice. Jeff Duval, President of Local 856, has stated repeatedly, “The Fire Fighters in the City are not looking for more than anyone else, we simply want to be treated the same as the other groups. The cost of living doesn’t change based upon what City department you work for.” Continue Reading →