Mapping out a plan for commuter rail expansion in NH

Monday, February 29, 2016 Carol Robidoux 0
“The House Public Works and Highways Committee has a unique opportunity to leverage federal dollars at no cost to New Hampshire taxpayers and take the next step in the process of expanding passenger rail from Boston to Manchester,” said Michael Izbicki, Chairman of the NH Rail Transit Authority. READ MORE
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Manchester’s Chase Homes: Affordable Housing for a ‘Wonderful Life’

Monday, February 29, 2016 John Clayton 2
It should come as no surprise that there were 800 applicants for the 30 new homes, since the going rate was $5.50 a week — no down payment — and to be on the safe side, the association also covered the cost of a $3,000 insurance policy on the man of the house “in order to safeguard widow and children in the event that calamity befall the breadwinner before the house is fully cleared.” READ MORE