Grocery Hunt: Battle of the Liquids – Part Three

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Hello and welcome to the Grocery Hunt, Manchester Ink Link’s look at prices of grocery items at Manchester supermarket chains. This week takes a look at liquids requested by our readers as well a look back at past items requested by our readers last year to see how prices have changed.

All items are requested by the readers of Manchester Ink Link, with some new items requested from readers in previous weeks that also include price comparisons between this week and when it was requested.

All prices in this week’s column were obtained on Tuesday, Aug.23  from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.. When direct comparisons are not available, comparisons per comparable units of measurement will be used. Prices and availability may change without notice.

This column only obtains prices from supermarkets as items requested by readers are either unlikely to be available or unlikely to be available in a form that can make comparisons feasible at specialty shops, wholesalers, price clubs or other food stores.

However, readers are welcome to submit prices of items from other stores as well as questions or comments regarding the column to

PXL 20220823 200207826.MP

Simply Orange Juice (1.75 L)

Walmart – $3.98

Market Basket – $3.99

Hannaford – $4.49

PXL 20220823 222740127.MP

Milk (cost per quart)

Hannaford  – $0.65

Market Basket – $0.65

Walmart -$0.78

PXL 20220823 203923605.MP


Gatorade (cost per quart, comparisons to April 21, 2021 in parentheses)

Market Basket – $1.52 (+$0.92)

Hannaford – $1.54 (+$1.00)

Walmart – $1.54 (+$0.97)

PXL 20220823 200431089.MP

Poland Spring (cost per quart)

Walmart – $0.53

Hannaford – $0.64

Market Basket – $0.79

PXL 20220823 222847550.MP

Half and Half (cost per quart)

Hannaford – $2.39

Market Basket – $2.49

Walmart – $2.78

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