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The science of discovery on Appledore Island: Manchester students see their future after Shoals Marine Lab experience

Imagine a classroom where the sky’s the limit; a classroom immersed in the natural world where daily assignments require you to examine a starfish in the palm of your hand or explore the organisms coexisting in a single intertidal pool by reaching in and pulling out a giant snail, a tiny crab or a burrowing barnacle. READ MORE

Questioning Mask Mandates
Point of View

The Soapbox – Mask You a Few Questions: Why I’m weary of vaccine and mask mandates

The entire premise of lockdowns, mask/vaccine mandates and other orders is that there is a health crisis caused by coronavirus which is extremely deadly. It started as asking people to stay home for two weeks to “flatten the curve” and has grown to mandating vaccines for all.  While it was harder to prove this was not the case in 2020, the data is in and it is clear that coronavirus is not as deadly as currently advertised. READ MORE

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High school consolidation plan on the drawing board with ‘state-of-the-art’ new complex, magnet academies

After many years of discussion around how to reorganize Manchester School District in such a way that it would address aging and inefficient buildings, and decreasing enrollment, while improving educational opportunities for students, Dr. John Goldhardt last week released a comprehensive plan with detailed recommendations for sweeping changes across all levels of learning. READ MORE

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Rising to the Challenge: NH’s largest school district reflects on remote learning

Instead of closing the book on one of the most challenging periods of their careers, educators now find themselves revisiting it for guidance going forward. In Manchester, the state’s largest and most diverse school district, it was a period that underscored inequities, proved the value of community connections, thoughtful leadership, and thorough planning, and redefined concepts of success.  READ MORE