‘This afternoon I will officially leave the Democratic party to affiliate as an independent’

My priorities as a representative for the town of Amherst have not changed. I will continue fighting for my values as outlined in my electoral platform including electoral reform, criminal justice reform, protecting our environment and natural beauty of our state, increasing state aid for education, and lowering local property tax burdens on our community. READ MORE

Questioning Mask Mandates
Point of View

The Soapbox – Mask You a Few Questions: Why I’m weary of vaccine and mask mandates

The entire premise of lockdowns, mask/vaccine mandates and other orders is that there is a health crisis caused by coronavirus which is extremely deadly. It started as asking people to stay home for two weeks to “flatten the curve” and has grown to mandating vaccines for all.  While it was harder to prove this was not the case in 2020, the data is in and it is clear that coronavirus is not as deadly as currently advertised. READ MORE


Uncertainty abounds as novel coronavirus infects state revenues

State officials have taken the unprecedented steps of closing restaurants and bars to all but take-out service; closed schools, the State House and ski areas; waived unemployment requirements to obtain benefits; prohibited gatherings of 50 people or more, utilities from shutting off service for non-payment, and financial institutions and landlords from instigating evictions or foreclosures, and establishing a $50 million loan fund to help health-care providers weather the mega-storm on the horizon. READ MORE