Grocery Hunt: Just add water edition, part two

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Welcome to Week Five of the 2022 Grocery Hunt, Manchester Ink Link’s guide to Manchester-area grocery store prices.

Like last year, we’re tracking the prices and availability of grocery items requested by our readers week by week at Manchester’s three supermarkets. This week, we are also checking the prices for staple items and will provide trends for those items throughout the year. We also welcome contributions from our readers – see a good price or a unique item in the Manchester area? E-mail it to and we will include it!

Each time a store has the lowest price on staple items, items requested by readers, or items found by readers, it will get one point. The store with the most points will be our 2022 Grocery Hunt Champion.

Like last week, this week’s theme involves items that work by adding water to them, plus our regular staple items.

All prices were checked on Feb. 10 from 12 to 2 p.m., Prices and item availability may change without notice.

Items may have been available during the aforementioned time but could not be found. Within this column, all efforts available to an ordinary grocery shopper were made to find the item. If you see an error here, please let us know at

Unless asked for a specifically-sized item by a reader, situations in which stores have different sizes of the exact same item will be compared by weight or volume. If stores have multiple variations of an item with differing prices, the lowest price will be used.

Reader Requested Items

PXL 20220210 183129280

Crystal Light (cost per gram)

Hannaford – $0.07

Walmart – $0.07

Market Basket – $0.07

PXL 20220210 184937788

Mio (48 milliliters)

Walmart – $3.28

Market Basket – $3.49

Hannaford – $3.79

PXL 20220210 195355674

Propel (cost per gram)

Walmart – $0.08

Hannaford – $0.09

Market Basket – $0.12

PXL 20220210 183630248

Emergen-C (cost per gram)

Hannaford – $0.04

Walmart – $0.04

Market Basket – $0.04

Staple Items

PXL 20220210 195842994

Eggs (dozen)

Market Basket – $1.69

Hannaford – $1.86

Walmart – $2.41

PXL 20220210 195830033

Milk (one gallon)

Hannaford – $2.59

Market Basket – $2.59

Walmart -$2.89

PXL 20220210 195241800

Water (one gallon)

Market Basket – $0.75

Hannaford – $0.99

Walmart – $1.00

PXL 20220210 200122896

Orange Juice (one gallon)

Walmart – $4.44

Hannaford – $4.99

Market Basket – $4.99

Reader Submitted Items

There were no reader submitted items this week. If you’d like to submit an item from any Manchester-area grocery store, whatever it is, e-mail it to If it’s the lowest price on that item that week, we’ll add it to the 2022 Grocery Hunt Total Score below, with the store with the highest score at the end of the year winning the 2022 Grocery Hunt Title!

2022 Grocery Hunt Scores after Week 4

Walmart – 15.16

Market Basket – 14.16

Hannaford – 11.16

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