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Red Cross names 2017 Everyday Heroes Award recipients

The New Hampshire and Vermont Region of the American Red Cross and Unitil are once again honoring heroes in New Hampshire by celebrating “everyday people” and the heroic things they do in our community. The Everyday Heroes Awards are celebrated all over the country at which the American Red Cross honors people who personify our mission of service and help in local communities. To celebrate 100 Years of Service in New Hampshire, the American Red Cross will honor local heroes at the 2017 Everyday Heroes Awards on March 1, 2017. READ MORE

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Mayor supports border control, but ‘concerned with haste’ of Trump’s Executive Orders

“I am concerned with the haste in which this order was implemented and the resulting chaos and confusion. Individuals who are here legally should be able to travel to and from the United States legally no matter where they are from. These individuals have rights that need to be respected and should not be discriminated against under any circumstance.


NH AG releases statement on Trump Executive Orders pertaining to refugees and immigrants

“The safety and security of our citizens is the most important function of our government, both State and Federal. That function, however, must always be implemented in a manner that respects our State and Federal constitutional rights. President Trump’s Executive Order restricting certain immigrants violates those rights and violates principles that are fundamental to our democracy.” READ MORE