Prosecutors dismiss felony charge against man whose girlfriend died in downtown shooting

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MANCHESTER, NH — Prosecutors dropped a felony charge against Jeremy Roye Winslow, the man whose girlfriend was shot and killed last year in an incident near Club Manchvegas.

Winslow, 35, of 409 Bridge St., Apt. B, was arrested last June on a felony charge of reckless conduct connected to the March 2, 2019, shooting death of Tanya Hall, 34, of Hudson.  He already served about six months in jail after he pleaded guilty last year to driving with a suspended license the night of the murder.

Hall died after being shot by Justin Moura, 35, of Manchester, who is serving a 12-year sentence.

Originally, Winslow also was charged with possessing cocaine which was later dismissed.

Mark Osborne of Nashua, Winslow’s attorney, said he had vociferously questioned why his client wasn’t charged with the reckless conduct offense at the time he was initially arrested.

He believes the case was dropped because the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office decided they didn’t have a viable case.

“This is how the system is supposed to work,” Osborne said.  “Police investigate, they make an arrest and ultimately the prosecutors make the charging decision of whether to go forward or not.”

Messages left for comment to First Assistant  Hillsborough County Attorney Nicole Schultz-Price were not returned Tuesday. 

She told the New Hampshire Union Leader the case was dropped because prosecutors did not believe it could go forward because the two charges stemmed from the same incident.

She said prosecutors spoke with police about the reckless conduct charge but no decision was made.  She did not know police were going to arrest Winslow when they did.

 The night Hall died, Winslow and Moura had a fight on the dance floor of Club Manchvegas on Old Granite Street — shoving and punching, according to Detective Kevin Jusza.

Hall and Winslow left the club but as Winslow was driving away, Moura ran after them.  Moura told police that after words were exchanged at the Jeep, he turned to walk away and Winslow yelled out the window, “I’ll kill you.”  Winslow then allegedly drove the Jeep towards Moura, knocking him to the ground. 

Moura, who was a U.S. Army infantryman, ran after the Jeep but he slipped and the gun went off, he told investigators.

The bullet went through a side window on the Jeep and struck Hall, who was in the front passenger seat, in the back, killing her.

Moura went to the police station two days later, said he fired the gun and turned in the murder weapon, a 9 mm handgun.