Attorney says Winslow ‘not a danger’ or ‘flight risk;’ judge sets bail at $10K

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Attorney Mark Osborne talks to reporters after an arraignment and bail hearing for his client, Jeremy Winslow, on March 8, 2019.

MANCHESTER, NH –  At a bail hearing Friday for Jeremy Winslow, a defense attorney argued that the state has lost sight of the fact that his client is also a victim of the shooting incident last Saturday night that resulted in the death of Tanya Hall, 34, Winslow’s girlfriend.

Winslow, 34, of 409 Bridge St., Apt. 1A, was video arraigned March 8 in Hillsborough County Superior Court – North on charges of possessing cocaine and operating a motor vehicle after his license was suspended, second offense.  He is being detained in the Rockingham County jail in Brentwood.

Winslow pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Attorney Mark Osborne contended Winslow is the victim “of attempted murder.”  Police have not charged anyone with that offense but Osborne, after the hearing, said Winslow was driving the Jeep when the gun was fired.

Osborne recounted what happened the night Hall was shot and how it came to be that Winslow encountered Manchester police.

Screen Shot 2019 03 08 at 5.26.29 PM
Jeremy Winslow appeared via video from Rockingham County Court. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

Winslow and Hall had been at a nightclub (Club Manchvegas on Old Granite Street) when he had a confrontation with three men.

“He had an opportunity to fight or flee.  He fled,” Osborne said.  “He did not engage in any fight or any fisticuffs.”

Winslow cried as his attorney spoke of him driving away with Hall.  She was in the passenger seat when a shot was fired, striking her in the back.  Osborne said Winslow was driving to the police station when Hall died.  On the way, he saw a police car at an accident scene at Pine and Auburn streets near Valley Cemetery and stopped to get help.

Detective Justin Mangum filed a sworn affidavit in Winslow’s case but it makes no mention of Hall or of the shooting.

That night, police took Winslow to the police station and secured the Jeep.  Winslow gave them permission to search it and they found the white powder, which tested positive for cocaine, on the center dashboard, according to court records.  They also found a disabled alcohol ignition interlock device.

Detectives researched Winslow’s motor vehicle history and determined his license had been suspended last Dec 22 for failing to appear in court.  He also had a prior conviction for operating after suspension on Aug. 17, 2012.

Assistant Hillsborough County Attorney Patrice Casian asked Judge Amy Messer to set bail at $10,000 cash only, arguing Winslow is a danger to the community and a flight risk.  She cited Winslow’s lengthy criminal record that dates back to 2000 and includes a federal drug conviction, simple assaults, driving under the influence and breach of bail.  She said 20 times he failed to appear at court hearings and that there are warrants out for his arrest in three states – New Hampshire, Washington and Arizona.

Osborne argued that $10,000 cash bail is excessive, unfair and doesn’t conform with the new bail statute.  He wanted Winslow released on personal recognizance bail or $2,000 cash/surety.

He said the amount of cocaine police found in Winslow’s Jeep was .4 grams, “about the size of a fingernail.” He said Winslow is not a flight risk “by any stretch of the imagination” and pointed out that police arrested him Thursday at the 6th Circuit Court – District Division – Nashua where he appeared at a court hearing.

Winslow, Osborne said, has cooperated with police.

“He is a material witness in a corroborating case and he wants justice,” Osborne said.

Osborne also told the court that Winslow is the father of two teenage boys, and that he was granted custody of the 16-year-old and expects to obtain custody of his 14-year-old.

 “People who are dangerous do not get custody of the children,” he said.

He said Winslow is from Manchester, lives in the city with his father and works for Avatar Construction in Waltham, Mass

The judge ordered Winslow held on $10,000 cash/surety bail with electronic monitoring. In the bail order, she said it was set based on Winslow’s “extensive history of failing to appear for a court appearance and prior criminal activity.”

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