Local Democrats say party is unified after Presidential Primary

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Patty Cornell on Feb. 15, 2020. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

MANCHESTER, N.H. – New Hampshire First District Congressman Chris Pappas joined with other Manchester Democrats monthly meeting on Saturday, speaking to volunteers from various presidential campaigns as the focus in New Hampshire now shifts from the Presidential Primary to this fall’s state and federal elections.

In what was the first of several stops with Democratic activists across the state, Pappas believes that the various volunteers from the various presidential campaigns he met within Manchester are ready to help Democratic candidates such as himself and U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen in November.

“I think (The Democratic Party) has never been more unified. I’ve met with activists across Manchester who volunteered for various campaigns but all ultimately share the common goal of helping the American people,” he said. “I think all campaigns have their sharp elbows and disagreements, but this primary was conducted in a way that will allow Democrats to come back together.”

State Representative and Manchester City Democrats Vice Chairwoman Patty Cornell agreed with Pappas’ assessment, believing local activists will be united in November and that reports of volunteers who supported a Democratic candidate but won’t support the Democratic nominee are unfounded within Manchester at the very least.

She also shares Pappas’ perspective that those activists will continue on with Democratic campaigns this fall.

“I think some years people get excited for the Presidential Primary and they disappear, but this time people got involved in the community and I think they’ll stay,” “We’ve got races for Congress, Executive Council and the State House and we’ll be helping out there starting now.”

The only difference of opinion on Saturday was not whether to help other Democrats moving forward, but how the party can best help itself.  Ward 1 resident and Elizabeth Warren volunteer Helen Holden Slottje hopes that Democrats focus on more than just President Donald Trump this fall.

“I think sometimes there’s too much of a focus on electability and the ‘anyone but Trump’ mentality, where my preference is that the party be focused on its vision,”  “I think when the focus is just on unity against Trump, that undercuts the strength of the Democratic Party. We need to address the issues that people really care about like affordable housing and healthcare.”

“People don’t want someone who will just say, ‘they’ll make you sick.’ They’re looking for someone who can explain ‘here’s how we can make you healthy,” she added.

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