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THREAD: Why FITN decision doesn’t matter…yet

There was plenty discussed this weekend about the Democratic National Committee’s decision regarding New Hampshire’s role in the Presidential Primary Nomination Calendar, as there has been in recent months and likely in future months as well. In the end though, did this weekend’s decision to officially put South Carolina first really matter? The short answer is no, and the long answer is not at this time, and that long answer deserves a thread. READ MORE


New Hampshire Democrats, Republicans rail against expected DNC ‘First In The Nation’ shakeup

On Thursday, the Democratic National Committee released a letter from President Biden, sharing Biden’s thoughts that the first Democratic Presidential Primary in 2024 should be in a state with black, brown, Asian American and Pacific Islander voters.

Although New Hampshire was not mentioned in the letter, it has been interpreted as an attack on the Granite State’s First in the Nation Primary status given Biden’s oversized role in the Democratic Primary process in his role as defacto party leader, the fact that New Hampshire is just over 88 percent white according to the 2020 census, and Biden placed fifth in the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic Primary.

New Hampshire Democrats were quick to respond to the news. READ MORE