Life in the Streets: Vaccine Edition!

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Hey Manchester!

I have good news – for me, for my family, and anyone else I run into in the coming year! I received vaccine shot No. 2 and I don’t have four legs or 5G pumping through my veins. I was kind of hoping for the X-ray vision and flying powers but nonetheless, I still have my above-average human capabilities and will continue to be safe within my community!!

(Full disclosure I have been watching the Marvel Universe in chronological order so maybe I was low-key hoping for newly found superpowers)

Ok, enough with the jokes…let’s drop some FACTS.


In March 2021 Gov. Sununu announced that school staff would be able to start getting vaccinated as soon as March 12. This is exciting news! It makes it so that by April 24 ,2021, I can and will be fully vaccinated! The Manchester School District has been working closely with the city Health Department since the fall to prepare to offer vaccination clinics. These will be facilitated by the Health Department. I took both of my shots at Memorial High School 28 days apart from each other and I never had a fever or anything that made me sick.

The only side effects I had were feeling tired and groggy. My legs felt tired for three days and I had a sore left arm both times when I received the shots. I know there are people who are 100 percent against the vaccine but this is the solution I find best for me and my family and I have only felt better since taking my second shot. Better mentally and spiritually that is.

There were standard safety protocols at the clinic. Six feet of required distance between people, mask requirement and health screening. Before the day of the second shot, we all received an email. In the email they sent to us it stated, It is essential that you stick to your scheduled appointment time in order for us to manage foot traffic and allow for proper physical distancing. If at all possible, please do not bring anyone with you into the vaccination clinic (we understand childcare may be an issue). Your appointment is only for your vaccination – we do not have the ability to provide vaccinations for family members.


So I made sure to abide by the rules, got to my appointment 10 minutes early, (they even emailed us early in the day saying that we could come EARLIER due to the success of flow they were currently having!) kept my six-feet of distance from others while I waited my turn for my second shot of vibranium (at least that’s how it feels to me) and it was all done within 40 minutes!

The gymnasium was filled with other community members happily satisfied after receiving their second round of vaccine shots and counting down the 14 days until they can return to see their family members. I know that’s how I feel. My daughter just turned 13 and I can’t wait until I am cleared to spend all of my time with my kids again!

I felt it was important to put that part to make it clear that this process I went through to get MY vaccine was through the Manchester School District. Below I put a way for YOU to find a place to get your vaccine shot as soon as you can if you are not a part of the Manchester School District.

Tell me the truth… you want to spend TWO SUMMERS sitting inside? NO WAY! Let’s get Vaccinated Manchester!

Where can YOU get a vaccine shot?

Find the closest location near you by using this handy Vaccine Finder Tool! No need to wait to get yourself back on track and start to get healthy! I hope this message finds you well and you are able to beat COVID-19!

LINK:  VaccineFinder – Find COVID-19 vaccine locations near you

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Mike Lowe

Mike writes from the perspective of a long-time city resident, Black man and father of two. He works for the Manchester school District and has been a volunteer for local youths for more than 20 years. He is also an avid gamer, networker and entrepreneur. Mike values family above all.