Brew News Mashup

Brew News Spotlight: Who are the artists behind the local craft beer labels you love

Local breweries are incubators for creativity. Often, these small- to medium-sized companies try to stand out by expressing the individuality of their brand. But this isn’t just expressed through their risk-taking brews like experimental sours, English bitters or rotating single-hop IPAs. Many breweries are modern-day patrons of the arts, commissioning vibrant and fantastical imagery to grace the “canvas” of their aluminum cans. READ MORE


Bail hearing in convoluted court case: Gunshots, wounded man, fisticuffs, hair-pulling, car into building

According to court records, police obtained two minutes of video from DEKA’s security surveillance.  It shows 11 vehicles parked along the west parking spaces running along the Merrimack River.  About 20 people are surrounding the Versa  – Massey is in the driver’s seat — and there appears to be a confrontation on the side of the car between two men.  READ MORE