Hooksett Town Council Chairman endorses Girard

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Hooksett Town Council Chairman Jim Sullivan. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

MANCHESTER, N.H. – On Thursday, Manchester Mayoral Candidate Rich Girard announced the endorsement of Hooksett Town Council Chairman James Sullivan.

Sullivan has also served on the Hooksett School Board in addition to the Town Council.

“I am happy to support Rich Girard for mayor.  In getting to know him over the years, I’ve learned that he truly looks for the win-win scenario.  I think there’s a lot our communities could accomplish if we had an open dialogue and worked together and I know Rich is the kind of leader that will look to open those discussions,” said Sullivan. “It’s no secret that what happens in Manchester affects what happens in Hooksett and every other town bordering the city.  So, knowing Rich as I do, I’m excited to see what discussions will take place between our communities after he’s elected mayor.  I encourage all my friends in Manchester to join me in supporting Rich Girard for mayor.”

Sullivan also has ties to Manchester as a graduate of Manchester Central High School as well as nearly 40 years of employment at the Puritan.

“There are those who criticize long serving elected officials.  Some merit the criticism, to be sure.  However, there are people like Jim Sullivan who truly gain nothing from their service except the satisfaction of making a positive difference in their communities.  That’s he’s been reelected to both the town council and school board so many times is a testimony to his ability to stay in tune with his constituency and the service he’s faithfully rendered over the years,” said Girard. “Having worked with Jim over the years, I look forward to working with him again and opening new conversations about how our communities can cooperate.”