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COVID-19 in NH: Latest news and updates

The State We’re In: NH Labor Shortage and how the ‘I Build New Hampshire’ initiative could help

Wherever you go in New Hampshire, you see “help wanted” signs dotting the windows. One of the sectors hit hard by the continuing labor shortage is construction. A new education initiative called “I Build New Hampshire” is trying to encourage more people to explore careers in the trades. Joshua Reap and Jennifer Landon from the Associated Builders and Contractors of New Hampshire and Vermont (ABC NH/VT) discuss the goals of the project. READ MORE


Is it time to update the NH Constitution?

Every year in the New Hampshire Legislature there are about a dozen proposals to amend the state’s constitution. That may seem like a lot of changes to the basic rights and structure of government in our state, but some of America’s founding fathers believed a constitution should get regular updates.  In honor of Constitution Day, here’s a look at constitutional changes in the Granite State. READ MORE