Work by local artists Mike Gonzales and Jenny Bassett is ‘on the wall @City Hall’

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Jenny Bassett and Michael Gonzales are featured artists for the current Art on the Wall @City Hall display.

MANCHESTER, NH — Local artists Mike Gonzales and Jenny Bassett are featured artists for the ongoing Art on the Wall at City Hall series, which showcases a rotating “gallery” of art by talented artists.

An artists’ reception is scheduled for Jan. 10, but the artwork has been hung, and the public is invited to stop by and take it all in. The artwork on display is available for purchase.

Art on the Wall at City Hall provides a unique opportunity for local artists to display their work in the historic Manchester City Hall with thousands of visitors weekly,  and for residents to see work by emerging artists  any time during regular hours at City Hall.

Artists can display small sculptures, pottery and ceramics in the glass cases provided. Work is displayed for two months and artists retain all proceeds from any work that is sold. You can find more information about the Manchester Art Commission and the Art on the Wall at City Hall program here.

Below is more information about each artist in their own words, and some examples of their work.

Jenny Bassett

Artist’s Statement: “I believe, whether we admit it or not, we judge everything by first impressions. It’s a matter of us pausing that extra minute to find what lies under the layers. I try and use this to my advantage in my artwork. My hope is that rather than walking by, something catches your eye, draws you in and you allow yourself to step into a different perspective. Every individual will experience a different feeling or read a different version of an implied message, and that’s exactly what I want. For one to laugh, smile, exhale, harmonize give in to something that’s not entirely their own. For you to realize not one thing is concrete in this world, including our thoughts. What one takes from my artwork varies from individual to individual such as each owns differing principles, morals and
beliefs, but that’s where you’ll find beauty. And that’s where I hope that you find the beauty in my
artwork. I’ve been fortunate and so appreciative to have a few strong art influencers here in Manchester as well
as a supportive family Though, a key component of all this has been a motivator whose encouragement
has helped keep our goal in sight, my friend and artist Michael “Gonzo” Gonzales. I’m so excited to now have both of our work on display at Manchester’s City Hall as of December 2019.”

Below: Gallery of some of Jenny’s work

Michael Gonzales

Artist’s Statement: “Showing my art at City Hall is really cool because it’s a landmark building, and I would consider myself as “Manchester” as it gets. Any image of Manchester from any time period has that iconic building in it as a backdrop. I think Jenny is a really interesting artist to share a space with because while she’s very different in style and execution there is a general theme that just works, either when we’re creating in our makerspace studio together, or presenting an aesthetic layout that can really show how the two influences can seamlessly intertwine. I am a visual artist, mostly painting, but sometimes when the mood is right I will use some mixed media. I paint about love and irony. I don’t follow the color wheel or use measurements.”

Below: Gallery of some of Michael’s work



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