Police: Hall Street shooter, victim knew each other as former cellmates

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Police at the scene of a reported shooting incident on Hall Street that left one man injured. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

MANCHESTER, NH – The accused shooter and victim in last week’s Hall Street incident are former cellmates at the Northern NH Correctional Facility in Berlin, according to court documents.

Antonio Grullon, 48, of 141 Beech St., was arraigned Wednesday in Hillsborough County Superior Court Northern District on felony charges of first-degree assault, burglary, criminal threatening and being a convicted felon in possession of a deadly weapon.  Grullon previously was convicted of a drug offense.

He also is charged with one count of simple assault.


Grullon entered not guilty pleas to the charges and agreed to be held in preventive detention although he reserved his right to request a further bail hearing.

According to court records, just after 9 a.m. on Dec. 23 police were called to 515 Hall St., third floor, for a reported shooting.

A motorist called 911 after a wounded man ran out in front of his truck.  The driver stopped, rolled down his window and told the man, identified by police as Tyler Murray, 26, that he was calling 911. “No, I am going to die,” Murray said.

He was wounded in the upper left arm. Murray, the motorist said, ran back into the building.

According to court records, Murray told police he was awakened by a knock on the door.  It was Grullon, and Murray said he saw a second man coming up the stairs.  Both wore face coverings.

Murray tried to close the door but he told police Grullon pushed his way in and hit him on the right side of his face. The two men struggled and Grullon’s gun went off, striking Murray in the arm, police said.

Murray realized he was shot, yelled to his girlfriend to lock the door and ran out of the building believing the two men would follow him.

That didn’t immediately happen.  Tyler’s girlfriend, Alexandra Kay, 23, told police she woke up to a gun being pointed at her face by one of two men in her bedroom.  She described the gun as a black 9 mm handgun and said it was so close to her face she could see the serial numbers were “shaved off.”  She believed the man pointing the gun at her was “Flaco,” Grullon’s nickname.

Both men kept asking her, “Where is it?” while looking around her room.  She said they eventually left the residence. 

Police determined the bullet that struck Murray was fired in the mudroom, went through the drywall, then through the stove where it ricocheted off a pot and then broke into multiple fragments on the kitchen floor.

Murray’s parole officer talked with him at the Elliot Hospital where Murray was treated.  Murray confirmed with him that the shooter was “Flaco.” 

Murray also was arrested by police on offenses unrelated to the shooting.  He waived formal arraignment Wednesday on charges of criminal threatening with a deadly weapon, falsifying physical evidence and being a convicted felon in possession of a dangerous weapon.

He is accused of threatening an employee at the Family Dollar Store, 325 Lincoln St., with a knife on Dec. 28 during a shoplifting incident.

Murray has a significant criminal history which includes multiple thefts, burglary, credit card fraud and robbery, according to a prosecutor.

Defense attorney Carl Olson said his client had concerns about being in contact with his assailant(s) at the Valley Street jail. 

Judge Anderson said the jail has experience in keeping people separate, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.