Man arrested in connection with November stabbing at Veterans Park

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MANCHESTER, NH – Anthony Sierra, 25, of Manchester, was arrested Dec. 12, charged on a warrant for first-degree assault as a suspect in a Nov. 25 stabbing at Veterans Park.

Police say  Sierra allegedly stabbed a 33-year-old man several times during a physical altercation in the park on the afternoon of Nov. 25. The victim, whose name was not released by police, suffered serious injuries to his head and body and was hospitalized.

Detectives investigating the case gathered enough probable cause to charge Sierra with first-degree assault and is scheduled to appear in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on December 14, 2015.

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  • Anthonysierra jail 4 life!

    This just made my day he deserves everything that is coming to him after everything he has done to his ex and her child that he claims is his she let u sign the birth certificate out of fear! He’s not your kid

  • He looks like he dated one of my friends a few years ago. It’s shameful to see some people I know in the news lately. It really shows no one is as they seem.

  • you get what you reap

    Tony used to be a friend of mine… Shameful. I’m sad to say I used to know him!