LETTERS: Trump rally a ‘love fest’ for president who’s kept his promises to America

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To Pat Grossmith and the Manchester Ink Link.

I want to thank you for the lovely piece you wrote which included my friend Karen Desautels and me being faithful Trump supporters and you were so kind about it!

Someone reading this might quickly think, ‘why not be kind?’, my answer is, some people expressively and even violently hate Trump supporters. Unfortunately, an important part of that big screen put outside for us by the campaign, was to give instruction in case of a conflict with a protestor. In the loop that played, Lara gave specific instruction to avoid violence and alert security. There was plenty of security and very few problems, but still, I find the disdain people express toward Trump and his supporters to be unchecked and very concerning.

Now that the event is over and we see ourselves on the news and I feel a bit like our excitement and nervousness was used as a tool to make us look kind of bland and perhaps a little looney. Nobody’s perfect, right? Maybe it’s our own fault for not realizing and being outwardly prepared for such exciting, yet important representation. I apologize to you directly Ms. Grossmith, because just before you showed up, we were discussing how “high profile” we were feeling and how dangerous it could be, so I’ll admit I was feeling tired with a bit of defensive vibe in me.

Genuine smiles await a genuine “love fest” to help welcome President Donald J. Trump to New England. (Selfie/Jennifer Axon)

Here’s a tidbit that might highlight a bit of reason for that vibe; It was midday Wednesday when we learned that President Trump’s own 2020 Campaign Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, had posted a video of us on Twitter’s Team Trump page which included a tag to @realDonaldTrump! it was exciting however, considering the negative and hateful comments, we became aware we could also become an SNL skit.

Right after meeting Ms. McEnany, we calmed down and gave meaningful answers. However, the media chose the pieces to share and some of them became twisted tidbits. So, it didn’t matter how we spoke, they reported it their own way. I think it’s because, if they didn’t cut, paste and twist us, their base might have felt happy for us and carried on with their day like normal political America, but… I think it’s the main narrative to keep people thinking Trump supporters are hateful or stupid. This scares me because their twisted news is creating twisted behavior in people.

Please, may I also take some space to answer a little better every reporter’s first question to us: “What made you come out 36 hours early to see the President?” Karen and I are driven by a common passion for Trump because he stands against the corruption that we see and promises to protect our Constitution no matter what! It’s just like his slogan said, “Make America Great Again!” and we wanted our America back. He is the only President I have noticed being up close and personally for the people. So much in fact, that he takes tips from his rally audience (and the White House comment hotline!) and during his speech, he pauses when someone in the crowd is not safe and he spares no expense to provide for us everything he can for our comfort and entertainment and safety while we wait for his events. All are welcome, tickets are free, signs don’t cost us anything inside. He appreciates our presence and every rally has been a “love fest.” Love in its purest form… love thy neighbor.

Courtesy/Jennifer Axon

I am hoping in at least some editorial note, to change my answer to Pat Grossmith’s question about my favorite Trump accomplishments into a little better than “Google it.” I realize you didn’t quote me, but in not quoting me, my reference to the whitehouse.gov was missed. What I meant to relay is that I think Donald Trump campaigned on great ideas about how to fix America’s problems and I figured what he didn’t know, he would find someone who did. I have a lifetime of respect for Donald Trump’s success and as President Trump, he can honestly campaign on “Promises made, Promises kept!

Sincerely, Jennifer Axon Easthampton, MA

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