Letters: Bike Week Wide Open for COVID-19 pandemic here in NH

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Laconia Motorcycle Week will take place Aug. 22-30. Photo/Laconiamcweek.com

I have great concern about Bike Week August 22-30, 2020. During this COVID 19 pandemic we should not be allowing events of this size in NH. Since our current Governor will not put out a mask mandate, I fear that during Bike Week, the many visitors from other states will bring COVID-19 into New Hampshire.

Social distancing is advised, mask-wearing is advised, but I’m sure those advisories are going to be looked upon lightly. Governor Sununu should have banned Bike Week for 2020. Just about all other major events have been cancelled this summer. Without a mask mandate in NH and without a vaccine for COVID-19, we are wide open.

Another reason Bike Week 2020 should not be allowed is that this takes place just two weeks prior to the Primary election, on Sept. 8. Poll workers in NH are mostly 60+ years of age or older. Our poll workers are dedicated people from southern NH to the very tip of NH, they are scared to contract COVID-19. Our poll worker numbers have decreased this year. There really isn’t many younger people stepping up to be poll workers. They also fear contracting COVID-19.

I do wish the Governor would wake up and look at the BIG PICTURE and set up a Mask Mandate and band Bike Week 2020.
Next year could be fabulous!

Heidi Hamer

Manchester, NH