Gunfire reports lead to 2 arrests on drug, weapons charges

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MANCHESTER, NH – Two men were arrested early Saturday morning after several residents called to report the sound of gunfire in their neighborhood. According to a police narrative, Edgardo Gonzalez Jr. and Detrick Johnson were arrested based on the following:

At approximately 3:30 a.m. multiple police officers responded to the area of Maple and Cedar streets for reports of gun shots. Several of the callers reported hearing between four to five gunshots and witnesses reported a subject described as a black male waving a firearm around.

Officer Megowen detained a Edgardo Gonzalez Jr., 23, of Manchester. A revolver which contained six expended shell casing was removed from his possession and secured. During their investigation the officers determined that Gonzalez had been observed out in the street and had discharged a firearm into the air. He was charged with reckless conduct due to discharging a firearm within the compact area of the city. After Gonzalez was taken into custody a search incident to arrest revealed a clear plastic baggy containing smaller baggies with what was later determined to be approximately seven grams of cocaine inside them. He was charged with possession of controlled drug with intent to distribute and felonious use of a firearm.

A second man on the porch began to exit but appeared to toss a baggy into the same apartment on the second floor. He was detained by Officer O’Connor and later identified as Detrick Jackson, 39, of Manchester.  A search of the kitchen area where Jackson appeared to throw the item revealed a plastic baggy which contained powdered cocaine with the weight of approximately 10.9 grams. He was charged with possession of a controlled drug and falsifying physical evidence.   The approximate value of the cocaine is $1,000.

Bail for Gonzalez was set at $20,000 cash or surety for arraignment in the 9th Circuit Court Manchester on April 24, 2017.

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