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MANCHESTER, NH — Below we’ve aggregated our top stories from 2015 based on reader interaction, with the Top 10 highlighted.

Full disclosure: Our “No. 1” story for 2015 was actually the more than 85,000 collective visits to stories in our archives, which you can always search by clicking a subject tab from the menu bar, or using the search bar in the upper right of our home page. One good read, apparently leads to another.

Collectively, our unofficial Top 10 drew 240,785 clicks (not including the archives.) All we can say is thanks for clicking, and please keep coming back to click in 2016 (aemail boxnd liking and sharing on Facebook, of course). If you aren’t already receiving our free eNews in your email box daily,  you’re just one click away! Sign up for our free eNewsletter and never miss another thing in 2016.


  1. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 2.47.47 PMSpookyworld’s scariest ever haunted hayride opens Sept. 25 at Mel’s — This story was on top for pretty much the entire month leading up to Halloween. Maybe it was the scary clown photo, or maybe it was our universal fascination with all things scary and creepy and zombie-like. Whatever the reason, this was the most read story on our site in 2015. For those of you who attended Spookyworld, let us know what you thought of the attraction in the comments field below.

  2. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 2.52.13 PMTwo charged with prostitution during sting in ‘hot spot’ zone — This was not the only story we ran about prostitution stings in 2015. But for some reason, it got a lot of attention. There was nothing extraordinary about it. In fact, it was just a straightforward police report of the arrest with minimal details. However, these two young women, ages 20 and 22 at the time of the arrest, look like they could just as easily be a couple of typical college students. We do know that much of the  crime that goes on in our city is drug related, and that includes prostitution. With this story comes two more good reasons to clean up our city in 2016.
  3. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 2.59.03 PM 23 arrests: Major drug dealers caught in Operation Dragnet: This big sweep in April of 2015 was among the first of several busts this year that targeted dealers allegedly responsible for trafficking heroin, cocaine and other narcotics in Manchester. These kinds of stories are always well read — it helps us feel that somehow the city is making progress toward cleaning up the drug culture that is perpetuated by dealers. Yes, it’s supply and demand. Dealers can’t deal if there are no customers. As much as we want to punish those who bring drugs into our city, what we all really want is for the illicit drug culture to go away. Big sweeps like this at least give us the feeling that there is progress.

  4. 9 arrested in drug raid targeting suspected drug dealers — Another drug raid, this one in Sept. of 2015, which netted 128 grams of crack cocaine (street value $13,000); 17.8 grams of heroin (street value $1,400); 6.5 grams marijuana (street value $100); 7 alprazolam .5 mg pills (street value $70); 7 oxycodone 15 mg pills (street value $105) and a seizure of $9,099 dollars.  The arrests were made at three different residences. Police rely on tips from the public to help them track down where drug dealers are operating, often right in the midst of our neighborhoods. This story served as a reminder that drugs are everywhere and anywhere, and it is up to the public to remain vigilant. If you see something, say something.

  5. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 3.11.12 PMPhone scam; You have been chosen to recieve a $9,000 government grant — This is a story written by Publisher/Editor Carol Robidoux in Dec. of 2014 after she fielded a call that struck her as all at once ridiculous and dangerous. It continues to be one of our top-five stories of all time because, sadly, phone scammers and those who would like to perpetrate internet fraud are always hounding us one way or another, through phone calls, email or even the U.S. Mail. This story includes some helpful information about the ‘Do Not Call’ registry, as well as some other popular scams going around.  The key is to keep your guard up. If you get a suspicious call, take a few minutes to ask the tough questions. Jot down as many details as you can and then report the call to the NH Attorney General’s  office (information is available toward the end of the story). Also remember, if whatever they are offering sounds too good to be true, it is. Never give out information by phone to someone you don’t know, or who you didn’t call. Incoming calls are likely phishing for your personal details. Hang up, block the number, report the details —and make sure you talk to your  elderly parents or relatives about the dangers of phone solicitations.

  6. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 3.17.57 PM7 more arrests as part of Operation Granite Hammer — Yet another drug sweep, which led to the arrest of seven people suspected of drug dealing. In this case, detectives confiscated primarily crystal meth and suboxone strips. Police reported that following this particular raid, the tally for Operation Granite Status included confiscation of 42.7 grams of heroin carrying a street value of $4,200; 118.9 grams of crystal methamphetamine with a street value of $20,000; 37 suboxone strips with a street value of $185; 1 gram of cocaine with a street value of $100; and $5,450 in cash. Unfortunately, we have learned that such raids are just a small drip in a big bucket full of drug crime.
  7. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 3.23.15 PMCan you identify these women wanted in connection to a bar fight?  Put the words “women” and “bar fight” in a headline and you can expect everyone to click. What added to this story’s appeal was that the women were caught on surveillance video, so it also becomes a “Where’s Waldo” situation, or a “who dunnit.” Whenever the public has a chance to help ID people caught on film behaving badly, they go for it. This story was no exception.
  8. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 3.26.30 PMShooting leads police to $2.2M heroin bust, major drug manufacturing operation in Mass. — This was one of those stories that starts as one thing and ends up being something else entirely. A report of a shooting in June led investigators to open up a huge drug-making operation that extended into Massachusetts. There was a follow up story in October, which you can read here.

  9. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 3.31.19 PM arrested following prostitution sting near Enright Park — Another prostitution sting story, this one focused around Enright Park, which has for years been a magnet for crime. Residents often report seeing what appears to be people soliciting sex in this neighborhood concentrated around Enright Park, which is a playground. Once again, if Manchester is going to upgrade its reputation, it’s imperative that police continue to monitor neighborhoods for illegal activity going on many times in broad daylight, and it’s also important for neighbors to report things they see, instead of accepting it as inevitable. Tip: You can always contact your Ward Alderman to make quality of life complaints if you don’t feel comfortable calling police.
  10. Screenshot 2015-12-31 at 3.36.21 PMZachary Higgins, 25, loved skateboarding, music, playing his guitar — This was one of several obituaries we ran in 2015 for young people whose life stories were hardly yet written. Some of the obituaries spelled out the cause of death as drug overdoses; others left that detail to the imagination of the reader. It is our solemn hope that 2016 sees no more of our beautiful children lost to drugs. It is our unfortunate sense of reality that tells us that we will not make it very far into the new year before another family must face the devastating loss from addiction. If you or a loved one seeks help, contact Hope for NH Recovery where people are waiting to guide you through the process of recovery.

Below are more stories that each earned thousands of clicks, thanks to you our loyal readers.

AG’s office investigates stabbing death at Drynk Night Club following Friday night brawl
Supply chain: Cash from motorist, to panhandler, to heroin buy, to jail
Man jumps from Biron Bridge
Drug sweep results in 14 arrests to combat ‘street-level’ drug dealers
2 charged with felony tax violations for TJ’s Sports Bar and Central Ale House
Resident shot dead while on evening stroll on Ray Street
Mom charged with 2nd-degree murder in death of 21-month-old daughter
Drug duo caught preparing to shoot heroin inside mall bathroom stall
Police find couple using heroin in Rite Aid parking lot, 5-month-old baby in backseat
Bare Knuckle Murphy’s Boxing Gym owner in fight of her life, to save her business
Take this house, please: You can buy this $640K historic home for $29K, but there’s a catch
Goffstown Police seek information in connection with weekend drowning of Manchester mom
Complaints lead to summonses for panhandlers on South Willow Street
Common Man owner doubles down on addiction, issues $200K recovery challenge
Police: Infant pronounced dead at Kimball Street apartment
6 arrested in ‘Operation Against Prostitution’
40 in 4 weeks: Operation Granite Hammer strikes again, nets another 4 arrests
Teens arrested after police find weapons, heroin, in car
New England Liberty ladies ‘lingerie’ indoor football league coming to Manchester
Cody Romeo Vachon, 21: Devoted father, beloved son, lost to heroin
6 charged in MPD ‘Operation Losing Proposition’ prostitution sting
Yale grad who jumped to his death was No. 2 in his class at Central
BBC reports on New Hampshire: First in the nation for heroin addicts
Sobriety checkpoint rescheduled for May 22
Sisters shoplift 5 toothbrushes worth $1,000 from CVS
One charged so far in South Street shootings, police say rival gangs involved
2 flee on foot after bike police find them behind Beech Street School in wee hours
Erratic driver under the influence of heroin pulled over by off-duty cop, needles found on passenger seat
Committed to pushing culinary boundaries, The Foundry opens in the Millyard
Manchvegas Alerts: Like a city-wide neighborhood watch
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