The Soapbox: ‘I dare Governor Sununu or any of his lackeys to rebut this’

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Stand up. Speak up. It’s your turn.

NH has the highest property taxes in the nation and we know precisely why this is: both the state Republicans and Democrats will neither legalize recreational marijuana NOR have the state liquor stores sell it (so taxpayers reap billions of dollars per year which could be used to lower our property taxes dramatically). Those billions are disappearing every year into the black market, or neighboring states who sell recreational weed now. State pols are robbing us blind of this revenue, while keeping drug gangs well-funded. Two crimes in one!

Sununu has promised to keep our taxes the highest in the nation, and admits he received millions of dollars in kickbacks, I mean “cash donations” from Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and Big Alcohol (aka mass murderers, unlike never-once-fatal marijuana, hmm), who will, of course, lose billions of dollars if harmless marijuana becomes legal for all adults, and is treated like alcohol is. Gee, I wonder if those piles of bribes, er, hush money, er, “donations” had anything to do with Sununu doing a 180 on all his alleged principles of freedom and lower taxes.

I should point out that property taxes are perhaps the most corrupt and dishonest of all taxes, as you save up your whole life for a place all your own, where you can feel safe. (It should be virtually impossible for any government to take away your home from you, but that’s not the case.) How do elderly people on fixed incomes come up with $5,000 a year for an illogical tax on something they already paid taxes on?

ANALOGY: Property taxes are like a “Shoe Tax” (every year you must pay taxes AGAIN for every pair of footwear), or a Fridge Tax (ditto). Why don’t we pay tax every 12 months on EVERYTHING we own? A Pants Tax! Heck, why don’t the Dem-publicans and Sununu go all the way and give us an Elbow Tax or Eyeball Tax, which we’d pay every year for the privilege of having two eyes!

Not all taxes are evil (tobacco taxes, junk food taxes, and so on), but to charge people massive property taxes above the huge sums they had to pay for the house and repairs and so on, is impossibly corrupt and illogical. The only time property taxes should exist, is when income is made via the property, like an apartment complex, or if a room is being rented out in a private home.

All of us must stand up and say “no more” of this perfectly corrupt tax (just like we must demand car registrations every two years instead of every one year).

I dare Governor Sununu or any of his lackeys to rebut this.

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Janice Amato lives in Manchester and pays taxes and is mad as hell that neither party listens to what their boss, the taxpayer, says.

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