NH’s Bearded Baker makes ‘monster comeback’ in latest round of Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship

Local baker Jon Buatti continued his roller-coaster performance in the Food Network’s Holiday Championship Monday night, landing at the bottom of the Naughty or Nice list after the pre-heat featuring chocolate but making a “monster comeback” in the main heat moving into the second spot with his triple-flavored cheesecake. READ MORE

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Windows of Hope Fundraiser: It sounds like a metaphor but this fundraiser is for actual windows in need of fixing

If you’ve been by Hope lately (or even semi-lately—within the past six months), you’ve seen the plywood covering the broken windows. Even with the upbeat and positive graffiti over the boards, the front of the building looks pretty horrible. You may have read here or here about how the windows were broken. I’ll give a short answer: READ MORE

COVID-19 in NH: Latest news and updates

As the pandemic puts extra chill in winter, seniors and advocates worry about isolation

Winter has long been considered especially problematic for older adults coping with isolation. The weather can make it difficult to leave home, exercise and socialize. And this year, senior service providers are even more concerned as COVID-19 infection rates climb and older adults who are more at risk of developing complications from the disease are encouraged to stay home. READ MORE