Police dog ‘Lou’ retires after 6 years of service

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Officer Scott Ardita and his partner, Lou.
Officer Scott Ardita and his partner, Lou.

Manchester Police Officer Scott Ardita, a 15-year veteran of the force retired, his trusted K-9 partner last week. Lou, a seven year old German shepherd. Officer Ardita and Lou attended and graduated from the Boston, Mass., Police K-9 Academy in 2008 and have had a successful career during the past six years.

During that time they completed a multitude of tracks, conducted numerous wanted checks and were involved in five certification trials, sponsored by the USPCA. They passed their certification each of the five years they preformed while winning numerous awards in the process. Perhaps the most significant award is two first-place finishes as an overall team, which included all Manchester Police K-9 teams involved in the particular trial. The certification trial measures the success of the dog and handler, but most importantly certifies the dog as a bona fide K-9 capable of working as a police dog.

The Manchester Police K-9 Unit is highly regarded and respected throughout New England and is currently under the direction of Sgts., Chris Biron and Chris Goodnow, both former K-9 handlers.

The Manchester Police Department currently has eight working K-9 teams. The handler takes care of his partner 24 hours a day and upon retirement, the care continues. All active and retired K-9s live with their handler and Lou is no exception as he will remain living with Officer Ardita and his family.

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