New Hampshire Republicans turn out for Trump, DeSantis during dueling campaign stops

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Donald Trump arrives in Concord for a speaking engagement at the NH Federation of Republican Women. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings

CONCORD, NH – Both GOP candidates Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis were in New Hampshire Tuesday to win the hearts and minds of the First in the Nation Primary GOP voters – Trump appeared at the  NH Federation of Republican Women’s luncheon in Concord while DeSantis held a town hall-style meeting in Hollis about an hour earlier.

In Concord, Trump appeared relaxed as he played to the crowd, relying on his familiar talking points.

“We’re going to finish what we started and we will make America great again, greater than ever before, we’re going to do that,” Trump said. He took aim at President Joe Biden, accusing him of being the most corrupt president in history. He also claimed that he was recently arrested due to “Trump derangement syndrome,” an attack on his just because he’s leading in the polls for the GOP nomination.

And he promised to “obliterate” the deep state when he regains the Oval Office.

Trump’s remarks lasted about an hour. You can view the entire event via C-Span coverage below.

Meanwhile in Hollis, DeSantis stood in front of a “Restore Sanity” banner and capitalized on ran through many of his accomplishments and campaign promises. He spoke in support of school choice and touted Florida’s choice options within the public school system there, blaming “left-wing teachers unions” for failing schools.

He then fielded questions, the first asking how DeSantis would convince NH voters that he would actually “drain the swamp.” DeSantis said the problem with draining the swamp is that even if someone does, the next guy will just fill it again.

“I want to break the swamp,” DeSantis said. “We need to re-constitutionalize the government… We’re going to end the weaponization of government,” turning inside out agencies like the FBI, the IRS and the Department of Justice “and do a lot to take power out of Washington.”

You can view the complete town hall event below.

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