Mayor Joyce Craig Kicks Off 12 Wards in 12 Days Tour

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File Photo/Pat Grossmith

MANCHESTER, NH – Mayor Joyce Craig will be making the rounds with a “12 Wards in 12 Days” tour. The tour will begin on Monday, July 15, coinciding with her officially filing for re-election. From July 15 to July 26, Mayor Craig will attend community events and make stops in all 12 wards, meeting with voters in their neighborhoods, listening to their ideas and concerns, and talking about how building a stronger Manchester. In conjunction with the events in every ward, Mayor Craig will celebrate the dedicated work of a supporter from each ward through social media posts.

“Through my first term, we’ve held more than 25 community meetings across the city and worked to ensure city government is accessible for all residents,” said Mayor Joyce Craig. “By working together, we’ve made great progress strengthening our public schools, growing our economy, and combating the opioid epidemic. In these visits in all 12 wards over the next 12 days, we’ll continue meeting residents in their own neighborhoods and discussing how we can continue making Manchester stronger.”

The “12 Wards in 12 Days” tour will kick off in Ward 8 with a stop at Crystal Lake Park on Monday, July 15. Other visits include stops in local businesses and community events, door to door canvassing, and community clean ups.