Manchester Ink Link Wants You … to join our Election 2018 Citizens’ Panel

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MANCHESTER, NH – With mid-term elections approaching and primaries for state and federal offices literally days away, the 2018 election season is in full swing!

Manchester Ink Link reporter Laura Aronson will be chronicling the various races and bringing her usual high-quality of reporting to our readers. It’s important to know what the candidates are promising as they campaign for your vote.

At the same time, we’re endeavoring to share the voice of the voter – or even a non-voter. What motivates you to vote? What issues are most important to you?  Are you focused on your local elections or national races?  If you don’t vote, why? If you could change one thing, what would it be?

Manchester Ink Link is pleased to announce the formation of what we’re calling our Election 2018 Citizens’ Panel. The group will share their views with our readers before, during, and after the elections. All viewpoints welcome. If you’d like to participate, please email us at by Monday Sept. 3.

Our panel will then meet for an initial roundtable with Manchester Ink Link reporters and columnist to share their views (we’ll provide some great snacks!), then we’ll keep up with them through the election season for their insights and ideas. Following the elections, we’ll then gather the group together again for a second roundtable.

We hope to learn more about what voters really want, which candidates are resonating, and where the disconnect might be that keeps voter turnout so low – and hopefully work on ideas, based on your feedback, for improving the election process for voters. In the end, we want to see a more informed and engaged citizenry, and leaders who are ready to lead, and be accountable.

Qualifications are that you must be of voting age and a NH resident. Our goal is to gather a cross-section of the electorate (10-12 people) who are willing to opine on the political process and share their views with our readers.


Fill out this contact form:

or email with your questions.