Man arrested for smoking crack and having sex while driving

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MANCHESTER, NH — Detectives from the Street Crime Unit were operating an unmarked vehicle on January 15, 2019 approximately 1:30 p.m. when they observed the driver of a vehicle engage in criminal activities. The operator was allegedly smoking crack-cocaine while his female passenger engaged in sexual acts as he was driving.

The driver was later identified as Michael Douville, 51, of Nashua, who was charged with lewdness, disobeying a police officer, reckless conduct and possession of a controlled drug, after detectives located a small amount of crack cocaine inside of his vehicle.

A police narrative of events leading to the arrest follows:

Detectives were behind Douville’s Chrysler at the intersection of Union and Valley streets as he engaged in the illegal acts. The two detectives approached the vehicle on foot as the vehicle stopped for the red light on Union Street.

As the detectives approached the vehicle and identified themselves as police officers, ordering the driver to pull over as the traffic light turned green, Douville rapidly accelerated southerly toward Valley Street.  Douville abruptly turned west on to Valley Street before cutting through the parking lot of Advanced Auto Parts. He allegedly traveled at a high rate of speed toward Union Street and briefly disappeared before Officer Robert Harrington located him.

Detectives provided a detailed description of the fleeing vehicle, so Officer Harrington stopped Douville near Warsaw Street and Pine Street. The female passenger fled the area and was not located, but Officer Robert Harrington was able to place Douville into custody.

Douville appeared in Hillsborough County Superior Court-North on January 16, 2019.