Letter: ‘Why elect Trump clones to represent our state if we wouldn’t vote for Trump?’

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Dear Editor,

The Union Leader endorses Joe Biden for President in 2020 and we agree. However, I disagree with the editors’ proposal that voters split the ticket on New Hampshire’s congressional team.

For ten years, Republicans in Congress have been obstructionists, not problem solvers. There is no evidence that Republicans elected this time would behave differently, especially if Mitch McConnell is still a Senator. America’s issues are critical. We need representatives committed to working for us.

If you are voting for Biden, you are probably sick of Trump’s divisiveness, dishonesty, and destructive attitude toward our democratic institutions. We have watched the debates and have seen the Republican candidates’ TV ads. These candidates are favored by Trump and display the same negative attitudes. Why elect Trump clones to represent our state if we wouldn’t vote for Trump?

On key issues like healthcare, preserving Social Security and Medicare, clean energy, transportation, the environment, veterans’ affairs, small businesses, water quality, and reproductive rights, the current Republican candidates are out of step with most of New Hampshire and would not represent our interests.

Neither Jeanne Shaheen, Anne McLane Kuster, nor Chris Pappas holds extreme views or is likely to get “carried away” by a Joe Biden administration. Biden is a moderate, and so are our current representatives. They have all focused faithfully on the issues they promised to tackle when they were elected. Their work has yielded good results.

Why elect unknowns (two from out-of-state) who mimic Trump’s negative and destructive attitudes, when we can re-elect successful representatives who always put New Hampshire first? I will be voting for Democrats.


Katharine Daly