Keith Spiro Communicast with Josh Verrill at the Launch of “4AM Demand” a SaaS for these times.

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It may be Business to Business (B2B) sales but businesses don’t buy things, people do. Communicast and the Manchester Ink Link are proud to present 4AM Demand to the world. They launch today.  Congratulations Josh & Heather and score another business launch for New Hampshire.   If you are in the marketing space as a manager or a recently hired specialist, you should listen to this conversation.

At the heart of what co-founders Heather Stokes and Josh Verrill are doing is creating a business that hopes to inspire people to be better, bolder marketers with tools so they don’t have to be awake worrying at 4 a.m. With the kind of year businesses have had, they look to minimize the complexity in how to market and how to scale early-stage high growth businesses in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space.

In this exclusive Manchester Ink Link first look at 4AM Demand, you’ll learn why “4am” pays homage to New Hampshire and why these founders are proud to be launching their business here. As an alumnus of DYN, Josh acknowledges that training ground as the gift that keeps on giving.  Software as a service, marketing tech and the combination of tools and learning modules to help newer marketers make work fun are all fair game for this poised-for-success enterprise.

The tough question is “how do you launch a marketing and consulting business when marketing and online privacy rules are in a massive state of change?”

You go back to marketing roots and create a good quality experience.

This is a business looking for early-stage, high-growth start-ups in the SaaS space. 4AM Demand will help these companies scale, provide career growth for people new to marketing and pay attention to the art and science of building brands.

Josh says “Future CRO’s (chief revenue officers) are today’s marketers.”

And if he and Heather are correct,  there should be less finger-pointing at chief marketing officers in the difficult times and perhaps more tempered recognition or team recognition for sales results in the life-is-good part of the cycle. This is about teamwork and passing along deep experience in a very difficult job. The focus has changed to quality customer (or really, prospect) experience in dealing with brands and the better guided and less intrusive role technology can play as the rules of tracking us, as consumers online, changes.  I’m Keith Spiro. This is Communicast – a conversation with good people doing great things in our community.