Feeling lucky? Last call for moose hunt lottery

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October 19, 2009, this 650 lb. 3 1/2 year old bull was shot in zone B by Richard Gregoire of Manchester and fellow permittee, "Ross" as identified in this NHFG cutline.
October 19, 2009, this 650 lb. 3 1/2 year old bull was shot in zone B by Richard Gregoire of Manchester and fellow permittee, “Ross” and guide Chuck from NH Guide Services, as identified in this NHFG cutline.

CONCORD, NH – If you want to hunt moose in New Hampshire this fall, now is the time to enter the lottery and try your luck on the adventure of a lifetime.

Applications for the lottery cost $15 for residents and $25 for non-residents (nonrefundable) and are available online at www.huntnh.com or from any Fish and Game license agent. A total of 105 permits are proposed to be issued this year.

Apply now by visiting N.H. Fish and Game where you can apply online or print out a mail-in application. Lottery applications for 2015 must be postmarked or submitted online by midnight May 29, 2015, or delivered to NH Fish and Game headquarters in Concord before 4 p.m. that day. Applicants are encouraged to apply online and early, so there is less chance of submitting an incomplete application.

New Hampshire’s nine-day moose hunt starts the third Saturday in October. This year’s hunt runs from October 17-25, 2015.

Each applicant can choose to be entered into the lottery or to accrue a point only and not be entered into the lottery. This benefits those hunters who know they will not be able to hunt this year and want to continue to accrue bonus points. A bonus point system improves the chances for unsuccessful applicants who apply each consecutive year. Don’t miss a year, or you’ll lose your points! Hunters who are drawn and accept a permit are not eligible to enter the lottery or to apply for a bonus point for the following three years.

New Hampshire has had an annual moose hunt since 1988, when 75 permits were issued for a three-day hunt in the North Country. The state’s current moose population is estimated at about 4,000 animals. The availability of moose hunting permits, with some issued for every area of the state, is made possible by careful management of moose populations. The resulting annual harvest of moose helps to regulate moose numbers, provides valuable information on the physical condition of moose, and provides a unique recreational opportunity.

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