Gina Anderson: From software techie to joyful pet treat-maker

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Reset: 40 is the New Happy
Reset: 40 is the New Happy
Gina Anderson: From software techie to joyful pet treat-maker

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ResetGina Anderson’s love of dogs has led her to a new endeavor where she produces healthy, grain-free treats for our best four-legged friends, Good Paws Bakery & Gifts, in Windham.

Her past corporate life as a human-factors engineer has been a big help in starting a new business. In addition, Gina is a fine artist.Screenshot 2016-06-19 at 3.02.52 PM

Between her tech training and creative talents, both sides of her brain play nice together with wonderful results, as you will hear. Listen in, and share.
Follow Good Paws Bakery & Gifts, on Facebook, or call for more information: 978-273-4009

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