Runeverse, The Card Game: And the coolest part – the minions come to life!

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First and foremost, this is truly a F2P friendly TCG (trading card game), which is almost unheard of in the market. I highly recommend checking out Runeverse the Card Game as it is a brand new entry into the world of online TCGs and CCGs (collectible card games). This New, fully 3D, Multiplayer Card Game has incredible tactics and easy to play learning curve for everyone! Oh yeah, don’t forget the coolest part … the minions come to life! Runeverse has an active STEAM community that you can find all types of questions and help from others playing the game! Enjoy reading through the different Factions and make sure to check out the card collections! I have attached links to the Factions to make the search nice and smooth for us all to enjoy and reference very easy!

Factions and Alliances

So it seems that in the universe of Runes, 6 Factions coexist, each with its own set strengths and weaknesses. Choose two factions to create your Alliance, but it’s up to you to find the winning synergy! Here are the Factions and links to their respective card library:

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The Fallen: The Fallen, once a peaceful people, now use the occult arts to summon cruel beasts and infernal demons.

Western Woods: The Western Forests, inhabited by natives and ferocious beasts, hides many pitfalls accessible only to the most daring!

Towers of Ar’han: The Ar’han Towers have long been a meeting point for the most powerful wizards who study increasingly lethal spells.

Zur’an’s Lair: The Covo di Zur’an is the ideal place for those looking for luck. Inhabited by beings of all kinds, they are mostly pirates or assassins.

The Empire of Vaal: The Empire builds on an army of tireless warriors, also protected by a sacred order always ready to put them back on their feet.

Mercenaries of Orgrim: The Ogrim Desert, a dark place, is said to be populated by terrifying creatures who live with incredible inventors.

* Runeverse is available for PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

 How the Game Works?

This section aims to give a better understanding of the game mechanics!

  1. At the beginning of your turn, if you have no more cards in your deck, instead of getting a Mana Crystal, you will have one destroyed. When you run out of Mana Crystals, you lose the game.
  2. Ambush cards played in the defense phase (e.g. Truce) can only be used if the opponent has at least one attacking minion.
  3. In the defensive phase, minions summoned with Ambush (e.g. Sadrig, the Sea Lord) and those placed in defense of attackers with Taunt, cannot be repositioned. Likewise, a minion like Sadrig, the Sea Lord cannot be played in Ambush against a minion with Flying.
  4. The activation of the effects of Traps follows a LIFO stack pattern (reverse queue), where the last played one is activated first if both have the same target. Example: The opponent summons a minion, we previously played first Spider Clamp and then Resistance. The Traps will both trigger but the first one to activate will be Resistance and, if the target is still valid, also Spider Clamp will apply its effect. If the target is no longer valid, the trap will be triggered anyway but its effect will be lost. It’s different if we have played two traps that have the same target (e.g. a minion) but have a different activation priority. If we have Painful Surprise and Spider Clamp on the field and our opponent plays a minion, both will be triggered, but the first to always activate first will be Painful SurpriseSpider Clamp will be triggered but wasted.
  5. If you do not play any cards in your turn, your next turn starts with 10 seconds of maximum time. You can reset the turn to its maximum duration of 1 minute by playing a card.
  6. Minions with a Double Attack perform two separate attacks. The second attack will only be performed on the same minion if it survives the first one and the attacker is not killed.

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