Dear Sharon: I’m 79, she’s 38. Can we have a relationship if we are complete opposites?

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Dear Sharon,

Everyone has heard the old saying: opposites attract. While in recovery from surgery a few years ago, a particular nurse walked by my room several times a day. She had a cheerful aura and lovely smile I enjoyed seeing her pass by. Eventually, I spoke to her and we started talking casually each day. When the time came to leave the facility, I asked her if I could call her from time to time.  After a while, I invited her out to dinner and she accepted so we started to see each other on a casual basis. Can we have a relationship if we are complete opposites? I am 79, and she is 38. I am retired and she is working. I am a New Yorker and she was born in Jamaica, West Indies. She likes reggae and I like do-wops. But to my surprise, I enjoy her company and she enjoys mine. I believe we are at a turning point and I don’t know which way to turn. What should I do? Help me, please.


Smitten Senior

Dear Smitten Senior,

This is most definitely a dilemma and I’ll do my best to help sort it out. There are different levels of attraction; was your attraction to her physical, or do you have things in common? Will she want children,  or does she have any … and if so, how is that going to affect for your lifestyle? As you pointed out, you come from different worlds, decades, lifestyles. I  wonder how this will work out in time when she is a young woman wanting to go out with friends, and you are a senior homebody feeling perhaps lonely for her company. Is she looking for marriage or money or is she madly in love with you? I don’t know the answer to this. However, in closing, I think it’s possible to maintain a relationship with the differences you pointed out, however, I think you’d be the exception rather than the rule. I’d think long and hard about all of the ramifications as you make your decisions moving forward. All the best!

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