Armed robber points gun at Hanover Street Shell station clerk

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Surveillance photo of robber at Hanover Street Shell station.
Surveillance photo of robber at Hanover Street Shell station.

MANCHESTER, NH – Police are looking for a robber who entered the Shell convenience store/service station on Hanover Street early Tuesday morning and demanded cash from the clerk at gunpoint.

Just before 3 a.m. the robber, described as a male, about 5-foot-7 inches tall, dark skin, thin build, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, black shorts, a black ski mask and black sneakers, entered the store and pointed a gun at the clerk He allegedly fled on foot westerly onto Lake Avenue.

Anyone with information should contact Manchester Police.


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  • An incentive to rob is the weakness of not being able to defend against it. (Soft target) Anybody ever notice the “Mom and Pop” stores…where owners and/or clerks have a reputation of being armed, almost never get robbed? No correlation there. LOL

    • peter gryphon

      And if the robber is a better shot than you? Or maybe there are several robbers because they know you’re armed? Or maybe they grab a hostage as a human shield? Or maybe they come in with a perfectly legal assault rifle to counter your Saturday night special? This robbery happened at 3am…not many mom and pop stores are open that late (or early). Let some of those alternate situations marinate into your “armed cashier hero” fantasy for a bit.

      • “armed cashier hero” fantasy…So, if I understand you correctly, it is foolish for an owner of a business to defend himself and his safety from lawless people who seek to take what he has worked hard for? “Maybe this” or, “maybe that” is anti-gun agitprop of the ignorant. (nearly nobody carries a, “Saturday Night Special,” if you know what gun that slang denotes.) Its easy to add variables not in the fact pattern of a news article if that is all you have as a counter argument. But it still sucks because that is not what happened. One gunman at 3:00 AM. As for marksmanship, very few criminals have appropriate and developed gun handling skills. UCR data indicates that (“assault rifle” is a cooked up term of the anit-gun left) semi-auto AR or AK platform rifles are rarely ever used. Enjoy “marinating” in your Kool-Aid Slurping, leftist drivel.