What does a fish smoke? and other cannabis jokes

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You may or may not be surprised to hear that cannabis has its own category when it comes to jokes. Here are just a few of the better ones to keep in your back pocket if (when) cannabis becomes legal in New Hampshire. You’ll be the life of the party – trust me on this one.

Q: How do you know you are a true stoner?

A: When your bong gets washed more than your dishes!

Police Officer: “How high are you?”

Pothead: “No officer, it’s “Hi, How are you?”

Q: Why is the roach clip called a roach clip?

A: Because pot holder was taken.

Q: What do you get when you eat cannabis?

A: A pot belly

Q: What does a fish smoke to get high?

A: Seaweed.

Q: Did you hear about the kid that overdosed on cannabis?

A: Neither did I.

Q. If there are two potheads in the back of a car, then who is driving?

A. The cop!

Wendy E. N. Thomas is a candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives Hillsborough County, District 21. She is also in the NH Therapeutic Cannabis program. Thomas agrees with the State-wide Democratic platform of legalizing cannabis in New Hampshire, she would also like to see the Therapeutic Cannabis program expanded to include Anxiety, Lyme Disease, and insomnia (for starters.) 

Thomas also understands that people need to know about what cannabis can do, how to keep it away from children, and how to use it responsibly (in the same way that the alcohol industry talks about responsible drinking.)

All opinions reflected in this article and any future articles on the Democratic cannabis platform are the opinions of Candidate Thomas and do not reflect any company or industry.

Thomas works at Prime ATC in Merrimack as a Patient Liaison. The contents of this article are not sanctioned by Prime ATC or any of its affiliates. Contact Thomas at wethomas@gmail.com .

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Wendy E.N. Thomas

Rep. Wendy E.N. Thomas, D-Merrimack, represents NH District 21.