NH gets 5-year $46M federal grant to expand charter schools

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Mill Falls Public Montessori Charter School ribbon cutting, 2012. Photo/Meryl Levin

CONCORD, NH — The New Hampshire Department of Education has received a $46 million federal grant to expand the state’s successful charter schools. The funds, awarded by the federal Department of Education’s Charter School Program (CSP), will support the state’s charter school program with a focus on at-risk students, and help spread education innovations to other New Hampshire schools.

“New Hampshire charter schools have not only provided excellent educations for Granite State students, but provided a model for innovation and education improvement for the nation,” said Edelblut in announcing the grant award. “Every kid deserves an educational environment in which they can thrive. Charter schools provide a valuable alternative for students who need one.”

New Hampshire is currently home to 28 public charter schools, seven of which have achieved the federal definition for high-quality charter school replication. The grant was crafted by Jane Waterhouse and Janet Fiderio in the Department’s Division of Education Analytics and Resources, headed by Director Caitlin Davis.

“I want to commend the New Hampshire Department of Education for securing this funding,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “The Department highlighted the success New Hampshire has achieved through the growth of charter schools, and put together a plan to build on that success for the benefit of at-risk students. These funds will help us improve education in the Granite State – a win for our kids.”

The five-year, $46 million grant will support efforts to increase, expand, or replicate the number of high-quality charter schools in New Hampshire, focusing on at-risk, educationally disadvantaged students. The grant will also fund professional development for charter school staff and board members, and disseminate best practices to public schools across New Hampshire. $3.3 million will be available this year. New Hampshire was one of only three states to receive grant awards through the CSP in 2019.

“The Governor and Legislature have supported growth of charter schools by adding funding in the state budget over the past several years for schools, and creating the state’s first full-time general fund charter school position in the Department of Education in 2018,” said Director Caitlin Davis. “ We are now able to provide support and oversight for charter schools and help make public charter schools an increasingly valuable part of New Hampshire overall educational system.”

Availability, by year

FY2019: $3,309,873

FY2020: $6,804,675

FY2021: $10,332,450

FY2022: $10,348,914

FY2023: 15,214,088

Total: $46,000,000

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