Letters: Kevin Cavanaugh is dedicated to Manchester

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Screenshot 2016 06 12 at 9.02.24 PMTo the Editor:

As a combat veteran, I know about commitment, and I know Kevin Cavanaugh is dedicated to the Manchester community and is the right person to lead our city.

Kevin is running for mayor, not out of political ambition, but as a Manchester resident who loves this city and wants to fight for the working families, seniors, and veterans in it.

I met Kevin many years ago when we both worked for the telephone company, far before either of us could’ve imagined him running for mayor, but his innate leadership, strong morals, and commitment to working people was always clear. And it’s what led him to become a union leader, a State Senator and an alderman.

I left New Hampshire to serve in the U.S. Navy, and when I returned, Kevin encouraged my family and I to move to Manchester – always a staunch advocate for his hometown. I’m glad we did. Over the years, the city has grown, and it needs a strong leader to continue this work.

As mayor, Kevin will continue to better the city, attract growth, and address the needs of working people. His background as a blue-collar worker and a public servant has prepared him well, and he is not afraid of hard work or long days.

Join me in voting for Kevin Cavanaugh on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7th.

soule e1699240527153Steven Soule


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Steven Soule

I’ve lived in New Hampshire all my life with the exception of my time in United States Navy. I currently live in Manchester north end with my wife, Bonnie and my daughter, Isabella. I deployed to Falluja Iraq, and 2004 where I participated in combat operations. I was awarded the Iraqi Campaign medal with the Eagle globe and anchor and a campaign star for participation in combat operations.