Kliskey will run for Alderman in Ward 9

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Bobby Kliskey. Promotional photo

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Robert Kliskey has announced he will run for Alderman in Ward 9 this fall.

Kliskey graduated from Manchester Memorial in 2014 and is working toward a master’s degree in business administration at Southern New Hampshire University while working as a support advisor at Rise Private Wealth Management in Bedford. He has also organized 15 community trash pickups removing a total of 75 bags of trash of Manchester’s streets.

“Growing up in Manchester and leaving the state to go to University in Rhode Island, I chose to come back to my home city. I love this city and all the opportunity it has offered me, but it is heading down a road to where the next generation might not get the same opportunity. A growing homeless population, increased crime, litter, crumbling infrastructure, and a lackluster downtown is not the Manchester I grew up in, and as Alderman, I would bring the Queen City back to the high standard it once had. When running for State Representative last year, I realized I could make a difference right here at home, and that is what I plan to do,” he said.

In 2020, he earned one of two Republican nominations for State Representative in Hillsborough District 16. Following a recount, he received 1,785 votes, finishing third in the two-seat district consisting of Ward 9. Democrat Joshua Query received 1,820 votes and Democrat Barbara Shaw earned 2,336 votes.

Shaw is also the current Alderman for Ward 9.

More information on Kliskey is available on his Facebook page.