‘Author Spectacular’ Fundraiser at Barnes & Noble to help replenish West Library

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From left, New Hampshire authors Mike Morin, Dan Szczesny and John Clayton.
From left, New Hampshire authors Mike Morin, Dan Szczesny and John Clayton.

MANCHESTER, NH — On June 20 between 4-6 p.m. three fun and fascinating New Hampshire authors will come together at Barnes & Noble in an effort to raise some much-needed cash to help refurbish the West Library.

On Feb. 18 a pipe burst inside the library leaving the building a foot underwater. In the aftermath, 17,000 water damaged library materials were removed, along with all the furniture, computer equipment, wall board, carpeting, and flooring. Also,  the elevator is in need of repairs and all the electrical panels were submerged as well as the networking equipment.

west library
West Library must replenish and replace many items lost when a pipe burst in February.

Dan Szczesny, longtime journalist and a founding father of the Hippo Press, is author of  “The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie, The Nepal Chronicles” and  “Sing and Other Short Stories.” Mike Morin, most familiar to New Hampshire radio audiences as the voice of WZID’s morning show, is author or “Fifty Shades of Radio.” John Clayton, who spent much of his career as a featured columnist for the NH Union Leader, will be promoting two of his many New Hampshire-centric books, including “You Know You’re in NH When…,” and “Remembering Manchester.”

And coincidentally, or perhaps not, this event just happens to fall on the day before Father’s Day, which will make it a one-stop shopping trip for you – freeing up the rest of your Saturday for schmoozing with the authors.

Stop by enjoy an afternoon of lively conversation, community mingling and book buying for an important Manchester cause.


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