Andrew Bouldin announces candidacy for State Representative

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Ward 5 deserves full representation in Concord that reflects the values of its residents. Unfortunately, that’s not what exists today. One of our Representatives, Lisa Freeman, continually ignores the wishes of Ward 5 voters. Two of her most shameful goals in office seem to be to restrict the right of citizens to vote (SB3, HB348, HB389, HB552, HB622 — 2017, HB1264 — 2018), and cut funding for our public school system (SB193, HB1229 — 2018).

Freeman again showed her contempt for the values of her constituents when she voted against HB1822, a bill that would increase access to contraceptives. Luckily the bill passed by a vote of 265-76, which means that even most of her Republican colleagues voted to support women’s rights. Considering also her unwavering support for Donald Trump, I’m left with no doubt that Freeman is one of the most extreme members of her party. She clearly does not represent my values or those of my neighbors in Ward 5.

It is for these reasons that I am announcing my candidacy for State Representative for Ward 5. As a citizen who regularly testifies at the State House, I have advanced knowledge of the political process in Concord. I have worked alongside my wife, Representative Amanda Bouldin on numerous bills in our efforts to address the opioid addiction epidemic in New Hampshire, and to end the neglect and abuse by medical personnel which is rampant at the Valley Street Jail. Because of this experience, I am ready to hit the ground running and continue our work in these areas and others.

Andrew Bouldin

As your Representative in Concord, I will support expanded access to healthcare including reproductive care and addiction treatment, a minimum wage increase, workers’ rights, clean and efficient energy, access to quality public education for all students, and the right of every eligible voter to vote.

Andrew Bouldin,

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