Letter: How Pete Buttigieg changed my life

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My name is Jim McLeod and I live in Manchester Ward 4. I am caucusing to be a delegate for “Mayor” Pete Buttigieg at the DNC in Milwaukee. This time last year I had never given a single dime or a second of my time to a political candidate. To illustrate how Pete will change America, I want to tell the story of how Pete changed my life. 

In 2016 I became painfully aware that if I wanted my voice to be heard I needed to do more than show up to vote for the lesser of two evils. I listened to Pete speak in a radio interview last January and, even before I caught his name, he caught my interest. His thoughtful and spontaneous answers spoke directly to my life. His cool demeanor and rapier intellect were like chicken soup for my political soul, and he was even better when I met him in person.

I started phone banking and tabling at events across the state. I opened my home to host Pete’s staff, I lost 50+ pounds, and volunteered in 50+ events. But, beyond helping Pete, it also put me in touch with my community and with the organizations that help those in need. It is a new and rewarding dimension to my life I never anticipated and I am grateful to the campaign staff and volunteers for their guidance and example. I am most grateful to Pete himself for the vision of unity and belonging that brought us together. 

I am bringing my story and my dedication to the NH Democratic Delegate Selection on January 25th, as a delegate of NH District #1.  If Pete can get a (formerly) 270-pound middle-aged man motivated from the couch to the convention, he can motivate America!

Jim McLeod

Manchester, NH